International Ocean Transportation

The shipbuilding industry has developed and economic cooperation between countries has become better and more developed. These factors have caused the demand for international transportation of goods by sea to increase sharply in the past few years. come back here. Following this path, sending and receiving large cargo that require special storage conditions and long geographical distances is no longer a difficult problem at the present time.
For a long time, the activity of transporting goods internationally in our country has appeared and is regularly carried out by a number of individuals and businesses who are shippers. However, due to limitations in methods and cost issues, it more or less affects the psychology of those who have this need. It was not until shipping activities developed that some of the difficulties in the forwarding market were resolved.
1. International sea transportation method
The world’s economic development has led to increased trade and services between countries, thereby increasing the transport of goods by road, air and sea.
In the 5th century BC, people knew how to transport goods by sea to exchange and trade with neighboring regions or countries. This shows that maritime transport was born very early (after river transport).
International sea transportation is the transportation of goods or passengers between countries through the use of sea vehicles such as ships. Up to now, sea transport has brought a huge source of profit to Vietnam, helping to increase economic growth and friendship and cooperation everywhere in the international arena.
2. Advantages when goods are transported internationally by sea
Transporting goods by international sea has many outstanding advantages, including:
– The sea routes are open and natural, so there are no costs for repairs, upgrades or maintenance. Therefore, costs are lower than other methods of transporting goods, helping to transfer goods from Vietnam to countries around the world and vice versa.
– Transporting goods by sea is not limited in volume, can carry bulky goods, large weights and a variety of goods. The process of loading and unloading goods into the warehouse is easy, saving costs and fuel.
– Grasping the tastes and needs of international sea transport, many companies specializing in international sea transport have been established, helping shippers choose the best service provider, from price to quality. shipping volume.
3. International sea shipping time
The time a shipment takes to move from one country to another depends on many factors such as weather conditions, routes, and geographical distance between countries on the sea. Therefore, international shipping of goods by sea usually lasts from one to several months.
Sea shipping times may be longer with other modes of transport. However, there are now modern and optimal large-capacity ships, helping to partly overcome time constraints, giving customers peace of mind when choosing this way of transporting goods.
4. Load capacity of cargo ships used in international sea transport
The tonnage of a ship is divided into two types, including:
– DWT (deadweight) is the total load of the volume of goods, fuel, and other items that the ship can carry.
– DWT (deadweight tonnage) is the tonnage a ship can carry, including sailors, passengers, goods, and objects. This is the unit used to measure the capacity and safety of a ship in tons.
For international freight transport by sea, the ship’s load needs to ensure the weight of goods or passengers is at a safe level, to avoid exceeding the ship’s quota, causing heavy losses and consequences. what a pity.
Two specific calculation formulas to check the allowable tonnage of a ship when traveling on international sea routes are as follows:
– 1 ton DWT = 2,240 pounds (British mass unit) = 1,016.05 kg (1,000 kg = 1 ton)
1 MT (metric ton) = 2204 pounds = 1,000 kg
– Tonnage (DWT) = Ship’s cargo capacity + Weight of crew, luggage, food, fresh water, grease, ballast water.
5. Countries often transport cargo to Vietnam by sea
Exchange and exchange of goods have grown strongly, helping international sea transport in Vietnam develop, with a large scope of import and export activities from the US, Australia, Japan, Korea and China.
Sea shipping from the US to Vietnam
Vietnam and the US are two countries with a geographical distance of nearly half the world, making shipping times by sea much longer, sometimes lasting up to months.
After signing, agreeing and completing all related procedures with Vietnamese partners, the American business owner will proceed with exporting. Goods will be contained in large containers and transported to Vietnam by waterway.
Sea transport from China to Vietnam
China is one of Vietnam’s neighboring countries, sharing borders on land and sea, so it is convenient for exchange and trade of goods. In particular, sea freight transport takes place vibrantly and regularly.
Because the geographical distance of the two countries is quite close, shipping costs are cheap, travel speed, delivery time is fast and shipment safety is high.
Sea transport from Korea to Vietnam
Although Korea has a different political system, it is similar in history and culture, making it convenient to exchange goods by sea. Items from agricultural products to electronic devices will be stored in containers, helping to stabilize the quality of goods, and ship equipment must be state-of-the-art and modern.
Sea shipping from Japan to Vietnam
In recent years, the bilateral cooperative relationship between Japan and Vietnam has helped the trade activities of the two countries’ businesses grow, clearly demonstrated through the transportation of goods by sea.
Goods packaged in containers shipped from Japan to Vietnam by sea are chosen by many businesses because this is an open, natural, and convenient transportation route.
Ships with large tonnage and capacity, fast moving speeds are put into use, helping businesses import goods from Japan save costs and gain huge profits.
Sea transport from Australia to Vietnam
Australia and Vietnam normalized relations in 1973, helping the two countries develop together in many areas of sea and air trade, achieving extremely impressive numbers.
Goods transported by sea from Australia to Vietnam will undergo a strict, strict and professional control and management process, avoiding loss of goods or damage to them during transportation.
6. Transport goods internationally by sea through services
– For individuals and businesses that are shippers, investing in human resources and vehicles to undertake the stage of transporting goods internationally by sea is extremely difficult. It requires training in knowledge of management and control of the entire transportation process, expensive costs to maintain the apparatus, and time consuming to manage this part.
– For the above issues, for every shipment that needs to be transported internationally by sea, the best and most economical solution is still to hire the services of another party. Simply, because a professional unit will ensure better goods placement, while the cost for shippers to hire services here is also very cheap.
7. Criteria for you to choose a good international shipping party by sea:
– Many years of operating experience, regularly shipping goods abroad
– Close cooperation with large shipping units, using modern means of transport
– Professional working process, with clear policies
– Good terms of cooperation for customers, full insurance policy on delivered goods
– Good fares
– Service quality is highly appreciated by cooperating shippers.
Only with the criteria we mentioned above, you can be completely confident and find yourself a good, reliable international sea freight transportation unit for what you expect.
8. International freight shipping service by sea at THANH NAM:
– Professional team, owning modern transportation vehicles, meeting all customer requirements
– The delivery process is professionally built, ensuring goods are delivered to your destination on time
– Competitive rates, accompanied by many other preferential policies
– Support on-site pick-up and delivery upon request
– Transport all types of goods, with different weights and sizes, including refrigerated goods.
– Safe transportation, insurance on goods.
If you have never cooperated with our company, then try it once to experience international shipping services by sea at a professional unit right away.