Mission, Vision & Core value


  • Developing a fleet of ships in the top 10 in Vietnam by 2030.
  • Expansion of warehouse area and fleet of well-known road transport vehicles in the market.
  • Completing and developing the leading logistics supply chain in Vietnam


  • We bring customers satisfaction with the best service quality, contribute to the success of customers, save time and costs.
  • Establishing and operating logistics centers throughout Vietnam.

Core value:

  • Efforts: We represent the aspiration, efforts to constantly improve for comprehensive development. Thanh Nam’s employee have the spirit of always doing their best to serve customers and partners.
  • Cooperation: Thanh Nam is ready to cooperate with all prestigious partners.
  • Respect: Thanh Nam always respects customers, employees and partners.
  • Care: Customer care is always our top concern.
  • Responsibility: Thanh Nam is always responsible for the services that he provides.