Sea transport has many outstanding advantages such as:
Large volume: Ships have the ability to transport large amounts of goods, superior to other such as airplanes or trucks. This helps reduce costs for bulk cargo.
Cost-effective: In the case of transporting goods over long distances, ocean freight is often very cost-effective compared to other.
Safety and stability: Ships are often more stable than other such as airplanes or river barges. This helps reduce the risk of damage or accidents.
Energy saving and low emissions: Ships use less fuel than aircraft, helping to save energy and reduce emissions harmful to the environment.
International connect: Sea transport is an important part of the global supply chain. It connects different countries and continents, helping to promote trade and goods exchange of worldwide.
Ability to transport diverse goods: Ships are capable of transporting many different types of goods, from large volumes of goods such as coal and oil to rare goods such as cars or large industrial equipment.
Ability to transport dangerous goods: Sea transport offers the possibility of transporting dangerous goods such as chemicals or explosives, due to its high safety and controllability.

With experience in transporting goods, modern vessels, and professional working methods, Thanh Nam wants to bring you the most reasonable, economical, and convenient of transport services. fastest and most time-saving.
Thanh Nam focuses on exploiting routes in Southeast Asia, South Asia and South China. Based on strong partnerships, we always optimize routes and effectively manage shipping operations, meeting the diverse charter demands of customers in the region.
Up to now, the Company has built its reputation and become a strong and reputable brand in the current transportation market. Our company will persistently strive to become one of the leading companies in the ocean transport service in Vietnam.