The brokerage is an important part of the sea transportation service, playing a role in connecting related parties in the process of buying, selling and chartering vessels. As an intermediary, a broker plays the role of creating a connection between ship owners and buyers or charterers, helping to optimize the use and management of vessels.

The business of a broker includes:
Search for ships and sourcing: The brokers monitor the market to search for available ships that match customer requirements. They are also responsible for opened ships to meet freight needs.
Negotiation and contracts: The brokers are often involved in the process of negotiating conditions and prices, then helping the parties agree and establish a trading or charter contract.
Consulting on markets and trends: The brokers provide information on markets, trends and prices in the transportation market, helping related parties have a overview to make decisions.
Transaction and document management: The brokers often help manage the transaction process and documents related to the transportation, including preparing the necessary documents and papers for entry and exit as well as customs procedures.

With an important role as an intermediary between parties, Thanh Nam has a deep understanding of the market and regulations of the shipping market.
Thanh Nam Company’s team of experienced experts, flexibility and in-depth consulting capabilities help us build trustworthy relationships with shipowners, charterers, ports and related parties. We are therefore capable of meeting diverse requirements from large cargo transportation to consulting and risk management services.