THANH NAM provides the most effective, convenient, and reliable container shipping and forwarding services by sea that can meet all customer needs.

We provide a full range of services such as full load transportation (FCL), retail freight transportation (LCL) and retail warehouse storage (CFS) on all trade routes.
THANH NAM has the advantage of combining many different services that we are operating with management by a team of experienced staff from receiving goods, customs clearance, and warehousing (if customers request). and delivered to the recipient.
In addition, THANH NAM also provides import and export services according to customer requirements, different solutions suitable for each customer, from small organizations to large-scale units.
With an understanding of each country’s market, customers can be assured that their goods are stored and transported in a reliable, safe, and flexible environment through a global network and strong connections. Close connection between our shipping agents. We are capable of providing full import and export services to many places, especially in Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.
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