Transportation by Road

The commodity production economy was born and present in the Vietnamese market for quite a long time. And from then until now, the transportation of goods has always played an important role in connecting the production, distribution and circulation of goods.
According to economics, experts have said: “Assuming the economy is a living organism, in which the transportation system is the lifeblood, transportation is certainly the process to bring nutrients to to feed the cells of that living individual.”
Currently, the method of transporting goods by road is a popular method chosen by the majority of shippers. Transport by road is optimal and most convenient for short distances.

Vận chuyển hàng hóa bằng đường bộ

1. What is road transport?
Road transport is the use of land vehicles such as cars, trucks, passenger cars, forklifts, trailers, container trucks, tractors, etc. to transport goods to transaction locations.
Currently, the most common and popular form of transportation is transportation by road – transporting goods to the north, south, and central regions. Because this form of transportation has outstanding advantages and is very convenient. Not only that, this method also has mobility, high adaptability to many types of terrain, and achieves high economic efficiency on short and medium distance roads.
For the form of transporting goods by road, you will always be able to take the initiative in time and can diversify the types of goods during the transport process. Besides, this form is also limited by the size and volume of goods, unlike the volume of water transport. But for goods with medium and not too large volumes, it is quite flexible.
Although the cost is quite high, the form of transportation by road is popular because of its flexibility. Can move goods from production to consumption, from warehouse to warehouse, can meet the market’s demand for goods, and especially can operate in all different weather conditions.

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2. What role does road transport play?
Transportation plays a very important role in the circulation of goods, contributing to promoting social development, and for shippers, this is a method of transporting goods within the city and interprovincially. In the growth of the country’s economy, transportation of goods by road plays an important role. Not only that, it also contributes a large part to the budget through taxes and developed accompanying services, creating many jobs for working people.
But for internationally transported goods, it is necessary to link with other methods such as air and sea.
The method of transporting goods by road is one of the strengths of our THANH NAM INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION TRADING JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Because we have had a lot of experience over many years of operation. We have good quality trucks along with a team of skilled staff who have transported goods on many routes across regions across the country. Our company is a reputable company, worthy of your trust.
3. THANH NAM’s cargo transportation service
Transporting goods to the North
Transporting goods to the central region
Transporting goods to the South
Store, unload, and package goods professionally
Transporting goods to the Central Highlands
Transport Hanoi – Nghe An – Ha Tinh
Transport Hanoi – Binh Dinh – Phu Yen
Transport Hanoi – Hue – Da Nang
4. Why should you choose THANH NAM’s road transport?
Transporting goods is no longer strange to people and businesses. Because of the rapid development of freight companies, transportation is becoming increasingly easier. But choosing a reputable and trustworthy company to ensure goods are safe, fast and convenient in transportation is not easy.
Only Thanh Nam is where you can put your trust. We work scientifically, with daily routes to ensure small orders are delivered on time and to the right location requested by customers. Ensure goods are safe from damage. Staff are professionally trained, dynamic, responsible and have good service attitudes towards customers.
With the motto Prestige – quality – competitive prices, we believe customers will be more satisfied with Thanh Nam’s freight transport services. We are pleased to welcome you.