Chan May Port opens the first international shipping route of RCL shipping line

Chan May Port opens the first international shipping route of RCL shipping line.

Chan May Port leaders gave flowers and gifts to shipping line representatives and captains.
On the afternoon of December 14, Chan May Port Joint Stock Company welcomed the ship Isara Bhum of Regional Container Lines (RCL) on its first voyage to Chan May port (Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province) to receive and Return the Company’s containers.
The domestic container route through Chan May port was initially formed over the past year. Today’s event is a new milestone, promising to bring many great achievements to the international container route development plan. Regional Container Lines has made a commitment to bring ships to Chan May port, opening an international transport route to transport container goods from Chan May to ports in Southeast Asia, Japan, India, the Middle East, and Africa. and vice versa to diversify logistics services to help goods in the Central region – Vietnam circulate more conveniently and cost-effectively.
Speaking at the welcoming ceremony of the first ship of Regional Container Lines shipping line arriving at Chan May port, Ms. Ho Hoang Thi, Deputy General Director of Chan May Port Joint Stock Company, said that with the mission of being the driving force to promote the development development of Chan May – Lang Co Economic Zone, the Board of Directors of Chan May Port Joint Stock Company always strives to operate the Company to carry out production and business tasks in accordance with the orientation and policies of the management levels, in accordance with with the common interests of the community and locality. Chan May Port commits to supporting and creating all conditions for Regional Container Lines to operate effectively at the port.

The vessel Isara Bhum of Regional Container Lines arrived at Chan May port this afternoon (December 14)

Captain in charge of the Isara Bhum, Mr. Peerawat Ratanamongkonkul, sent his sincere thanks to the local authorities for their invaluable support to bring success to this first port visit. We hope to continue to cooperate and receive support from local authorities to establish better incentive programs to help reduce costs and create conditions for shipping lines to conduct regular trips to Chan May port. than.

Chan May Port commits to support and create all conditions for the shipping company Regional Container Lines

“As Asia’s leading regional shipping line, RCL always strives to bring our services closer to customers. We not only believe in providing outstanding services but also wish to contribute to the development of potential areas in the countries we serve. Our vision is clear – to bring customers with more optimal solutions in terms of cost and efficiency. We wish to become a catalyst for the development of Hue, contributing to promoting the prosperity and development of the region” – Mr. Peerawat Ratanamongkonkul emphasized.
According to Chan May Port Joint Stock Company, after 01 year of implementing Chan May port container cargo service, up to now the port has received and handled 65 container ships docking at the port (21 foreign, 44 domestic) with a total cargo volume of throughput of the port is 7,370 TEU. The cargo handling work has gone quite well and safely, with an average of 4-5 container ships arriving at the port each month. The source of imported and exported containers through Chan May port is quite diverse, in addition to popular local products such as: beer, enamel frit, ceramic tiles, quartz, rice, cans, construction materials, packaging (Thua Thien Hue)…, there are also some sources of goods from Quang Tri (Rubber), Quang Binh (Plywood), from Laos (rubber), Quang Nam (beverage)…
Chan May Port has continuously invested and upgraded infrastructure, facilities and equipment; 24/7 customer support for port services; Priority is given to arranging wharves for container ships to enter the wharf as soon as they arrive at the port. The current container loading and unloading capacity at the port basically meets the requirements of shipping lines. During the implementation of container cargo services, Chan May port always ensures absolute safety for customers’ containers and goods. In addition, the port has basically completed the infrastructure system to serve container cargo operations such as bonded warehouses, container yards…
Initial results have shown that the support policy of Thua Thien Hue province is bringing great effectiveness in contributing to promoting the development of Chan May port. Initially creating favorable conditions to convert to container cargo service, contributing to promoting the development of logistics services in the province.
On the other hand, the province’s support policies are also timely support to encourage businesses operating in the import-export sector to overcome the difficult period after the pandemic, and have more motivation to switch to Transporting goods by container through the port, thereby creating resonance in the operations of businesses and creating a more favorable environment to attract investment and import and export for businesses in the province and the whole country of Laos. , creating motivation and a new look for Chan May – Lang Co Economic Zone.

Thanh Nam International Transport Trading JSC is proud to be a strategic partner of Chan May Port during recent years. Currently, all white sand and coal cargoes are being loaded and unloaded at Chan May port, coordinated and transported by Thanh Nam.