Washing process of Sillica sand at VFG Float Glass Factory in Dap Cau – Bac Ninh.

On the afternoon of January 14, 2024, Thanh Nam International Transport Trading JSC organized a business trip to inspect the operation of the Silica Sand Washing Line of the VFG Float Glass Factory in Dap Cau – Bac Ninh.

Vietnam Float Glass Company Limited (VFG) : is a joint venture between NSG Group of Japan and Viglacera Corporation. The company was established under investment license No. 1183/GP dated March 31, 1995 and amended investment license No. 212022.000476 dated November 23, 2012 by the State Committee for Cooperation and Investment (now the Ministry of Planning and Investment level) and is one of the largest joint ventures in Vietnam.
As a pioneer in using advanced Japanese float technology in Vietnam, VFG has been involved in the production and consumption of float glass for a long time since it started selling products to the market in 1999. Only 4 years after its establishment, VFG products have won great reputation in the market because of their world-class quality, suitable for use in many applications. Our glass products are present in many foreign markets such as Japan, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, etc.

Silica sand is an important raw material in many industries. Processing of silica sand minerals includes the stages of screening, sorting, washing, and classifying to remove organic impurities, sludge, and clay, creating products with higher purity and product groups with different characteristics. Different particle sizes according to customers’ technical requirements to provide raw materials for the fields of glass and civil glass production, mold making, and high-tech glass such as car glass and protective glass. solar batteries, phone glass or ceramic production…

The production process includes main stages such as screening, sorting, sorting, washing, grinding, classifying metals and heavy minerals, demagnetization, particle size separation, product drying, packaging).

Mr. Hung – Technical officer introduced the organizational structure and production process of the factory, from the process of importing raw materials from barges, to the process of cleaning and processing to create glass panels. finished product.

Thanh Nam International Transport Trading JSC is proud to be the main transportation supplier of white sand materials for the factory over the years.