Domestic Sea Transportation

As the time for buying, selling and exchanging goods between individuals and businesses across the country is increasing, the presence of domestic sea transport units will help the delivery and receipt of packages take place. smoother and faster than ever.
Why should you hire a domestic sea transport company?
It is no coincidence that shippers are willing to spend money to choose a reputable transport unit, it is due to the following benefits:
– Goods are carefully packaged and arranged
– Packages are always controlled and reported to shippers regularly throughout the transportation process.
– Low freight rates, guaranteed safety of goods, and insurance policy to satisfy customers.
– Save significant transportation time
– With the full package service, every step is taken care of by the transport unit, from the time of sending the goods to the time of delivery to the recipient, the goods owner only needs to pay the cost.
How to choose a reputable domestic sea transport company
To choose a reputable domestic sea transport unit, you should note the following characteristics:
– Professional staff, providing accurate information and good customer support
– Large-scale operations, fully equipped with means of transportation
– Carrying out the work of transporting goods at sea to many domestic and foreign areas
– Clear operating policies, protecting customer interests through cargo insurance
– Is an address that is well appreciated by the outside community for its quality and professionalism in operations.
THANH NAM company is the perfect choice for you
Established and in operation for a long time, THANH NAM is one of the units highly appreciated for its professionalism and reputation when providing its customers with a series of domestic transportation services. With a professional working process, the delivery and receipt of goods here is very simple and fast.
Services provided by THANH NAM Inland Sea Transport Company
– Carry out delivery and receipt of goods in many provinces and cities.
– Transporting goods for both full containers and retail goods.
– Transporting a variety of goods, large and small sizes according to customer requirements.
– Quick customs declaration service, ensuring goods are cleared smoothly.
– Deliver and receive goods at your door if requested by the customer.
Benefits that customers will find when hiring services at THANH NAM
– Ensuring the safety of goods: because the vehicles used for THANH NAM’s domestic sea transport are large and modern cargo ships, selected by the company from reputable units. enough capacity to cooperate.
– Advanced and flexible shipping service: goods are taken from the sender and sent directly to the recipient, helping customers save significant time and bring high convenience.
– Cheap domestic sea freight rates: although it does not claim to be the cheapest shipping unit, it commits to providing customers with extremely competitive transport prices compared to other units.
– Time commitment: ensure the delivery of goods to the recipient on time as per the contract (except for major events such as storms, floods, tsunamis…)

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– Professional and scientific working process: from receiving requests to delivering and transporting goods
– Customer support policy committed to satisfaction: minimize risks for customers in the most reasonable way.
– Headquartered at Hai Phong seaport, Ho Chi Minh City, other provinces and cities across the country all have working offices, this helps customer care and support take place quickly and effectively. fruit.